This year we have three high school seniors graduating who have participated in multiple school sports community service and church activities.  These youth have been involved with everything from Vacation Bible School leaders, running the Power Point during service to helping out with Christmas productions, ushering and assisting with children’s choir.  We will miss you, Catherine, Mark and Sean and your Epworth Family is behind you, wishing you the best.  A senior brunch on May 18th is being planned to celebrate these Epworth Youth!

Mark Young: I have been accepted to Montana State University where I plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.  Upon completion, I hope to obtain a job with a focus in alternative energy.  While at college I plan to get involved in intramural sports as well as pursuing multiple outdoor recreational activities in the Bozeman area. I also plan to get involved in the local Methodist church while attending college in Bozeman.

Sean Young: I have already been accepted to Montana Sate University.  My major is in Electrical Engineering.  While in college I plan to stay active and participate in intramural activities.  I plan to attend the Methodist church in Bozeman as my older brother and sister did while they attended MSU.

Catherine O’Brien: I plan to go on to FVCC for my first two years after high school along with working.  After those two years, I will be going to Seattle to complete my degree in Speech Pathology and Special Education.

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