disciple This past summer I attended  workshop led by Phil Maynard and brought back to our church a book called “Shift; helping congregations back into the game of effective ministry.” Many of our leadership have been reading this book and will continue to discuss it over this next year. We are planning a discussion/planning retreat at our camp in Rollins on Saturday evening, Oct. 11 . ( At 6:30 pm in conjunction with the work day at the camp that has taken place in the morning and afternoon.) You need not have read the book to participate. Those who have read it are simply there to help facilitate the discussion. Among the most inspiring ideas to me personally is the challenge to move us from mere names on a roll to active, growing disciples. Phil Maynard reminds us that:

  • Discipleship is not just about learning about Jesus. It is about becoming like Jesus.
  • Discipleship is not just about education. It is about transformation.
  • Discipleship is not just about knowledge. It is about behaviors.

Follow me (being part of the body of Christ) I will make you (becoming more like Jesus) Fishers of men (joining Jesus in ministry) (Matthew 4: 19 RSV) Every disciple who wishes should have the opportunity to sit down for a conversation focused on their spiritual journey.

  • How is it going with you spiritually?
  • How can we better support you as you grow to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ?
  • What are your next steps at this point in your journey?

I would encourage you to contact me and set up a time when we can have some meaningful personal discussion of these questions. You can find a brochure on our website at Spiritual Plan.

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